Eggs are the easiest, thank goodness.

Still have the skin plague from hell and running a low fever (37.3 C). Not sure if it’s the ezcema and hives combo turning into a staph infection or just ye olde “normal” period time low fever.

So dinner was three eggs and peanut toast. The toast was a maple butter tear apart Danish, so, much fancier than you’d think at first glance.

Used the Iwachu pan for the eggs and wheee. Released like a dream. Noting the handle did get toasty this time, because I was impatient and turned the heat up high instead of using a medium low like I did last time. Will try again and see if the handle still stays comfortable or not.

Corningware casserole dish

Got a waffle today; it was …just…really disappointing? It seemed like they’d taken an overnight waffle and custard that’d been left uncovered in the fridge and slapped it together with some canned whipped cream.

Tossed it into an oven safe container with a splash of milk and put it in the oven for ten minutes. Edible, but still not great.

Might try making mini pancakes with the mini-cake pan next time instead.

Click to tweet?

Looking at the “click to tweet” options and wondering when/if there’ll be one for Mastodon and wondering how long people will keep updating the buttons for twitter. Twitter isn’t dead, I don’t think, but it’s certainly getting jankier and jankier.