new website setup housekeeping notes

*checks time*

So it took about 4 hours to set up the site, more or less, including the interminable upload times.

Not as terrible as expected and thank all that’s good I didn’t have to try learning how to SSH.

For now I think I like the masonry layout better even though it feels less chronological because it’s all tiled. The hiding of comments and tags and categories just feels neater.

how to pair ylang ylang

I finally found a way to like ylang ylang yesterday night. It’s a strange sort of yay because ylang ylang is expensive. It’s like finding a way to like truffles. Why? Whyever? Wouldn’t it be better to continue disliking truffles? Except, I don’t actually dislike truffles, apparently. I just hate when every fancy restaurant insists… Continue reading