Content notes: endometriosis, chronic illness, chronic pain, generational trauma. I watched “Halmeoni” by Kevin Jin Kwan Kim and it was heartbreakingly beautiful. Heartbreaking in part because for some years I was that immigrant who forgot their “native” language, but also because I couldn’t help but wonder what it could’ve been like, would’ve been like, if… Continue reading

Just~ go.

The thing about erasing the past self, is that it can be a lingering departure. It perhaps often is, because we are human and therefore soft-hearted at the worst (and best, yes) times.Some of you may be muttering “she said soft-hearted, but she meant foolish” under your breath here, and yes, that too.But only we… Continue reading

Seems silly to track, but we’re being ~scientific~

Seems silly because of all the other gear in the kitchen, the Fissler soup pot set and the mini snack set are the ones I use the most consistently, but, again, we’re being scientific here.

Used the 18 cm saucepan to cook Napa cabbage in chicken stock for dinner. Heated up some wood ear milk in the 14 cm saucepan.

Had to split the cabbage into two portions because of the lower volume of the saucepan. Would’ve used the 18 cm soup pot if that’d been available but that’s apparently Lil Bro’s pot of choice as well.

Noting if we have the space, we should have at least two of those.

The question is, haha, in this case do I count Lil Bro’s pot use at all in my research, because he’s possibly going to be living with me when I move, or do I just count myself and what I wanted to have used?