I think of war

I think about war.Today, yesterday, tomorrow.Every day until I am finally murdered by a government somewhere, most likely my own.Unwillingly, I dwell upon it.Of how my disability and frailties are framed as a conflict between myself and my body.When I am being killed slowly, every single day, and the only thing my body does, is… Continue reading


Content notes: endometriosis, chronic illness, chronic pain, generational trauma. I watched “Halmeoni” by Kevin Jin Kwan Kim and it was heartbreakingly beautiful. Heartbreaking in part because for some years I was that immigrant who forgot their “native” language, but also because I couldn’t help but wonder what it could’ve been like, would’ve been like, if… Continue reading

Just~ go.

The thing about erasing the past self, is that it can be a lingering departure. It perhaps often is, because we are human and therefore soft-hearted at the worst (and best, yes) times.Some of you may be muttering “she said soft-hearted, but she meant foolish” under your breath here, and yes, that too.But only we… Continue reading