I think of war

I think about war.Today, yesterday, tomorrow.Every day until I am finally murdered by a government somewhere, most likely my own.Unwillingly, I dwell upon it.Of how my disability and frailties are framed as a conflict between myself and my body.When I am being killed slowly, every single day, and the only thing my body does, is… Continue reading

Compromise, sacrifice, and where is the line?

When my relationship of near eleven years fragmented (ostensibly) because I was chronically ill, rapidly moving on disabled, I was incredibly angry. So incredibly angry. Incandescent, really. But I didn’t know it at the time. I didn’t realize it until fairly recently, until all that suppressed rage came spilling forth from somewhere I never knew… Continue reading

The peanut incident

My paternal grandmother kidnapped me when I was one or so and I nearly died as a result.There, that’s the main content note. That’s the lede.As with many stories in our family, and I suspect in other families where abuse was rampant, a lot of trauma was obscured behind a combination of amnesia, forced reconciliation,… Continue reading