• Goddess in Waiting

    Goddess in Waiting Ch. 9

    I paused in front of the coffee shop and looked at the guys. “I’m going to talk to Gaia. You lot can do whatever you like. I’ll meet you back at my place.” Mikhail cocked his head. “Shouldn’t we go with you?” “I think that would be ill-advised. Gaia doesn’t like visitors and she especially doesn’t like guests she doesn’t know.” I made a wry face. “In fact, I’m not certain she wouldn’t throw me out as well.” “You’re going to see if she’s willing to let you bend the rules of the Pact, aren’t you?” I nodded at Raphael. “Yes. I was one of the original contractors, so she…

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  • Goddess in Waiting

    Goddess in Waiting ch. 8

    We stood in downtown Taipei, across the street from the Taipei 101 building. I looked up at the skyscraper and smiled. Why was I not surprised Chang’e chose to live at the top of a skyscraper? Thanatos tipped his head back. “So this is the Taipei one-oh-one.” Mikhail followed suit, raising his hand to shield his eyes. “How do we get in? I’ve heard rumors of the VIP club at the top, but it’s never been substantiated.” A melodious voice came from behind us. “You don’t.” I turned. “Chang’e. Or shall I call you Grace?” A girl walked toward us, her hip length ponytail swaying in counterpoint to her hips.…

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  • Goddess in Waiting

    Goddess in Waiting ch. 7

    I lifted the bronze ring and let it fall with a crash against the door to Dawn’s cave. “C’mon Dawn. You better be home, or else.” I tapped my foot against the stone ground and resisted the urge to look over my shoulder. If he had wanted to follow me, he would have caught up with me by the time I’d arrived at Dawn’s dwelling. His continued absence probably meant he was willing to honor my wishes. The heavy stone door swung open and Dawn peered out. “Amarantha. Come in.” I breathed out a sigh of relief when the door slid shut behind us. Even Death couldn’t come into another…

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  • Goddess in Waiting

    Goddess in Waiting ch. 6

    Mikhail lifted the cup of tea to his lips, sooty eyelashes sweeping down to hide those piercing silver eyes. Dressed in a soft blue cambric shirt and worn jeans, he looked more the part of a too-pretty cowboy in one of those denim ads rather than the archangel he was. Strangely enough, he’d insisted on moving somewhere else for the discussion. Somewhere without a dead man and a pool of congealing blood. It was somehow decided that my home was the place to go, over my objections. I looked around the table and swallowed a sigh. I had my estranged husband, my leash-holder and an archangel in my garden drinking…

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  • Goddess in Waiting

    Goddess in Waiting ch. 5

    The scent of Death hit me as we crossed the threshold of the church. The richness of roses with just enough of chrysanthemum’s bite to undercut lilies’ cloying sweetness. Shadows clung to the corners of the room, skittering away from the brilliant sunshine flooding in from the stained glass windows. I froze and raised an arm to block Raphael. “Amarantha. So long apart and you hesitate to greet me?” I sighed and walked forward. A cloaked form rose from a crouching position beside the body.  He turned to face us, uncaring that his movements trailed the hem of his cloak through the pool of blood. His hair blazed against the starkness…

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  • Goddess in Waiting

    Goddess in Waiting Ch. 4

    “Alexandros.” I took a page from his book and popped into Alexandro’s garden without waiting for him to respond to my telepathic knock, Raphael in tow. He looked up from his laptop. Blue eyes weary, he sighed. “You know.” He didn’t acknowledge Raphael and I was in no mood to play at niceties. “You couldn’t have warned me? What did you and Dawn expect, sending me off like that? Did you guys want the earth to be wiped? Did your triplet doing it once before make you more sanguine about it happening again?” “Dawn doesn’t know. She doesn’t have this problem, with all of Inari’s kitsune that she can call…

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  • Goddess in Waiting

    Goddess in Waiting ch. 3

    I’d barely settled myself on a rock and made myself comfy before he popped back in. His gorgeous mouth was set in an unhappy line and his eyes snapped blue fire. “What have you lot been doing?” I raised a brow. He made an impatient motion. “Your Watchers have all but died out. Somewhere, down there, you have less than ten souls doing what should be the work of thousands, if not millions. Some of those reports appear to be highly questionable as to their provenance and some are clearly outright fraudulent.” “You mean to say that you guys were going to wipe out my planet due to some errors…

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  • Goddess in Waiting

    Goddess in Waiting ch. 2

    I fingered the piece of vellum in my hand. Golden numbers were illuminated against the heavy cream of the material: coordinates to a specific point in space. The meeting place of the gods. Closing my eyes, I imprinted them upon my mind, bound them to my spirit, and shifted. When I opened my eyes again, I stood in infinite darkness. Not a single star blinked against the velvet dark. My breath caught in my chest, ice crystals forming in my lungs before I remembered to stop breathing. I exhaled out what air remained, wincing a bit at the pain. I’d have cursed a bit to relieve the agony, but I didn’t…

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  • Goddess in Waiting

    Goddess in Waiting ch. 1

    I stretched in the luxurious sunshine and tried to work out the cricks in my neck. It wasn’t easy, between my years and the added weight of my silver braid hanging half-way to my knees. My right elbow popped, a disconcertingly loud sound in the quiet calm. I winced as my left knee twinged, letting me know its displeasure at my long hike yesterday. A smoky gray Maine Coon sat on the chair opposite me and stared at me with mocking golden eyes. “Mock me all you like, Brutus, but growing old isn’t for the faint of heart. I’ll laugh at you when you can’t catch those grasshoppers anymore.” He…

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