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    Moving plans

    Remember when I said before that the powers that be should feel free to laugh at my plans? Well, I suppose they are… in a way that I hadn’t even seen coming. *deep breath* I’m moving back to Taiwan because my parents are there and because I will have access to good, affordable, nationalized healthcare. My health has been on a decline for the last ten years, so in a way I suppose I should have seen this possibility, but who ever really wants to think that their body would refuse to cooperate with them like this? I always assumed that I’d hit a new low and that it would…

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    Urban fantasy rock(?) band wuxia

    So. One of my friends on Twitter and I had a conversation culminating in the following:   Smoke spreads out a bamboo mat on the ground in front of the abandoned bar and set her taiko on its stand. The drum was slightly more than half her height in diameter and hollowed out of solid wood but she manipulates it with ease, her breath smooth and easy, her expression serene. To the untutored eye, the Dragon would have been just another dilapidated building, rightfully condemned and left to decay. To her mage-sight, it blazes with golden light, a shimmering dome encasing the entire structure. She takes a step forward and…

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    On general musings re: Asian(?) characters

    I was browsing through Nice Dragons Finish Last and I was tempted to get it and finish reading because it really is very well-done and interesting and fun… but in the end I decided not to because I had a small (unreasonable, really) quibble that kept me from really getting into it: the idea that dragons are almost all power hungry, ruthlessly ambitious types who aren’t by nature kind or giving. I admit, it’s unreasonable. But I’ve been feeling a bit bruised lately and so I’m choosing not to engage in a situation where I get more battered. Magic Tests by Ilona Andrews did a bit of poking. Before I…

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    Swimming in a wine dark sea

    In my course of research for the Hades and Persephone story, I’ve come across many interesting facts and I’ve had to make some difficult decisions about how much to stick to the time and feel and historically accurate descriptions. For example, were you aware that the ancient Greeks had no word for blue? ┬áIn fact, it seems that they didn’t so much determine color by shade so much as by luster or from light to dark. Rather than being ignorant of color, it seems that the Greeks were less interested in and attentive to hue, or tint, than they were to light. As late as the fourth century BC, Plato…

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    Writing Numbers: November 2013

    Welp, good thing I wasn’t really intending on doing NaNo this year, because I would have failed it. 32,373 words this month. I was hoping, what with the unprecedented success of October, that I would be able to carry off 50k this month without much ado. Nope. It’s true. I lay plans, gloating and smug, and the Powers that Be laugh at me. It’s enough to make a person want to just run pell-mell into traffic because really, being careful and planning doesn’t seem to work much better than that option. It was actually all going relatively well until the 22nd when I went to the gym, tripped, fell on…

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