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    Holding Onto The Air

    I was editing and fell down a rabbit hole. The paragraph in question: “Never let them see you sweat. Never let them see that you’re mortal. Suzanne Ferrell’s words threaded through the pain and I managed one last gentle beat of my wings before allowing myself to fall gently to the ground.” It used to be “the famous ballerina’s words”, but I thought that was clunky and irritating, so I went looking for “Suzanne ballerina” to make sure I had her name correct. I came across this blog post and was struck by how much of current-me is colored by having read Holding Onto The Air when I was 8…

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  • Random notes in the life

    @Writing Excuses Retreat 2018

    Alternate title: spoonie, writer, WOC, pie This is going to be a difficult post because of intersections and I’m in the midst of everything, so I don’t know if there’s even a way to unpack everything, but with three days left I think I have to at least try. If I don’t, I suspect it’s all going to drift into the labyrinth of the unquantifiable. First off, I am enjoying myself very much and if I had the money to do it again next year, I absolutely would. Almost everyone has been a complete delight, which is something I keep wondering over. I’m not sure what it is, because I…

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    New Year’s Eve of 2015 – saying yes to hope

    Beautiful post on Saturn moving into Sagittarius. I wanted to quote, but I ended up wanting to clip the entire thing, so  I suppose y’all will just have to head over and read it. And yes, it’s for everyone, even if you don’t believe in the quackery: Fortunately, miracles aren’t granted only to the holy, the pious or the righteous. Miracles aren’t saved for the popular kids that are so #blessed. That’s privilege and it’s a human construct that has nothing to do with actual blessings. Miracles are something much more interesting. Miracles are taking place all the time. In big ways. In teeny-tiny ways. Inside every life. Miracles simply…

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    Update update update

    I’m back in Taiwan. Yes, the use of “back” is interesting and I might need to stare at my navel for a bit at some point. I’m somewhat settled in, by which I mean I’m over the jet lag and there’s a bit of an idea of how my daily routine is going to be, but it’s by no means clear in any way. Suffice to say that living with my parents again at my age when I haven’t really lived with them in any formal capacity for long periods of time since I was about twelve is going to be interesting. Right now I have my brother to run…

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