• Dreams

    No matter where you go, I will find you.

    No matter where you go, I will find you. I frowned at the screen. The popup box had just come out of nowhere. I’d opened nothing recently and all of my open tabs were the usual safe suspects: Gmail, Twitter, a couple of writing sites, and a dozen or so food blogs. In short, nothing that should have popped something like that up. Clicking the little x at the top right corner, I shook my head, dismissing it from thought. Shadows lurked at the edges of sanity and consciousness. That was a place I couldn’t, wouldn’t go. I turned my lamp up higher, casting everything into sharp relief, allowing nothing…

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  • Dreams

    I dream of zombies

    I’m on an autopsy table. The steel is cold under my body, I cannot move to get away; my corpse cannot warm the steel. My mother bends over me, her face soft with concern. “We’re almost finished.” I know what is coming next. Dull pain unfurls from my stomach as she pulls out length after length of intestine, the sensation of soft tugging somehow worse than the pain. My other organs have already been removed, my chest feels hollow, the emptiness an echoing sorrow. She stitches me up again, finishing with a neat knot on my sternum. I touch it, gently, experimentally. It is sore to the touch, a spark…

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