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    My 2018 in books

    I got the idea from my Lexie-love and thought that it looked like a lot of fun. If any of you do this, please link me and let me know! Anyway, without further exposition… Disclosure: the links were generated using my Amazon affiliate account.   Describe Yourself: Jane Doe – Victoria Helen Stone I think rather than I am Jane Doe, Jane Doe is my heroine and who I want to be. She’s smart, collected, and just a little bit ruthless – but only to people who deserve it. She doesn’t turn that sharp edge on the innocent, and that’s so key for me loving her. How do you feel:…

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    TinyLetters and Mercury in Leo

    I read a TinyLetter this morning and decided oh hey, this seems like a good idea; I should do one too! For those not in the know, a TinyLetter is a stripped down newsletter that tends towards the rambly, personal, possibly just a bit TMI newsy news rather than about businessy types things like releases, blurbs, and so forth. There’s something incredibly appealing about it, both to get and receive. There’s this illusion (yes, mostly, probably illusion. I’m sorry.) that the letter writer is a close friend spilling everything in a letter just for you. And as the letter writer, there’s some special sort of joy in the writing and…

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    Thoughts on discussion and comments

    My site was the victim of a brute force attack. My service provider had to disable the log-in since the bots wouldn’t quit trying to get in and so I lost access for a while. It’s back now and hopefully I’ll be able to figure out something to keep it from going down again in the future. I’ve never shut off comments to old posts — the internet being what it is, unless it’s a post on a time sensitive topic, or even then, I usually think of posts as potential for an on-going discussion with people who might be a bit late to the party. That said, after one…

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    Counting my blessings

    A schoolbus did a hit and run on my car this past Sunday and now my poor baby has a huge dent in the front where the headlights are and there are bits of broken reflective headlight stuff rattling around inside the headlight space thingy. I was parked right beside the road, next to the curb, with my hazard lights on, waiting for Iddt to pick up some stuff at the farmer’s market. My mom was texting me, so I was texting her back when suddenly the car rocked, hard, and there was this grinding noise. I looked up in horror and there’s this big ass schoolbus just…kinda embedded in…

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    Writing Process Blog Relay 2014

    Many thanks to Anoosha¬†at My Heart’s Blab for bringing this blog relay to my attention since I can be a bit oblivious about what’s going on around the web. It’s been fascinating to trace the posts backward through various blogs and I’ve been introduced to many authors I would not have otherwise met.   What am you working on? Currently, I’m working on Conflagration of Phoenixes, theta draft. I was doing a serial, but I’m a bit stalled out because it’s hard to write a scene to top killing the MC and bringing them back to life.   How does your work differ from others of its genre? I write…

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    Hello world!

    I have to admit: I always like to start a blog with a post with the “Hello world!” title. It’s cheery, and has this feeling of extroversion and optimism that I want to capture and keep. Begin as you mean to go on and all that. Anyway! This is my blog, to state the painfully obvious. Or in other words, where the insanity lives, breeds like bunnies, and lies in wait for unsuspecting travelers. *ahem* Right. About that being non-creepy thing. Consider this the Unknown Forest, where you are never sure if you’re going to meander through miles of boring trails or get chased by a dragon or fall into…

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