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    Love All Year

    A bit late to the game, but better late than never? Love All Year has been released into the wild, where we all hope it will do well and find homes with people who will love it. If you read “In Memory Of” from a while back, this is that story. Writing it brought me joy, and I hope if you pick this anthology up, that it bring you joy as well. Yùlán, Verity, and Lucien’s story is a story of what ifs, but all sweet ones, if sometimes challenging. What if more joy showed up for you?What if your world expanded and you found more to love and be…

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    April already?

    I’ll spare y’all the musings on how time flies etc etc. (even though it does) It took me more time than expected to get over the Finland trip (that debacle is a whole post in of itself but suffice to say that it ended up with the tour leader being sat down and told she wasn’t getting tips from more than half the group because of how awful she’d been. not just unprofessional and unprepared, but actively unfriendly.) and then it was a non-stop whirlwind of drama! change! omg! wtf! after that. The family decided (without my input) that it would be best for everyone if I moved out. So…

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    Looking forward to Mercury Retrograde, actually.

    Mom is taking me on a trip on the eleventh and I’m just going to go with the flow and not worry about things for a while. Fitting, as it’s going to be retrograde in Pisces. I’m going to prep what I can (snacks, water, ear plugs, power bank), bring backups of everything I can, and then just see what happens. I’ve been feeling super burnt out and tired on a fundamental level, and so I’m going to take advantage of the retrograde to give myself an excuse to slow the heck down. So far this year I’ve re-released Phoenix Chosen, published Silenced, and taken Ariagne wide (with new epilogue!).…

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    Looking forward to 2019

    It’s been a complicated year, but then that’s like saying that the sky is blue. A bit more so this year, however. I finished two books and sent them out into the world. Past Love’s Triumph, and Goddess in Waiting. Which, by the by, Past Love’s Triumph is now wide and if Amazon isn’t your jam, then you can find it on Smashwords, or your vendor of choice. Ariagne has also been taken out of KU, but for the moment it’s not wide yet because of formatting issues. For those that care, if I’m putting it up on Smashwords to be included in the premium catalog (going to vendors other…

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    Various housekeeping bits and a quick burble

    The comment spam is quite overrunning me. That, and the “another attempt to hack your site has been foiled” emails. I have about 80 from today alone.  As such, I’m almost completely certain that 99.999% of my site traffic is either hackers, spam bots, or people hired to do horrible things. Yes, redundancy is redundant. At any rate, this is so y’all know that comments on posts older than fourteen days will be disabled. I’ll shorten that period more if the bots get more annoying. I’m usually to be found on Twitter and email is the most reliable fashion of contacting me, so drop me a note if you wish.…

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    The mumpsy one surfaces!

    Whew. It’s been a while since I last posted. My summer solstice resolution for this year is to get better about posting on my blog. Let’s see how that goes… *sheepish grin* I know, I know, I’ve only made this resolution almost every single time I’ve noticed the sad state of my blog, but hope springs eternal. I’m still in a period of “katje plans; the Universe sighs and then laughs hysterically”, so~ The latest in the wtfery is getting the mumps immediately after buying a book cover for the WIP I’ve had in the wings since 2016. Yep, you read right – the mumps. Who even gets the mumps…

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    In which balls were drop-kicked and are rolling all over the universe

    I originally wanted to say that the “balls were dropped”, but that implies much less insanity than what actually happened. In short: graduate school was much harder than expected and the health issues did not resolve themselves as neatly as expected. However, I did manage to publish Not Just Human and Sunshine, so there’s that. I’m currently working on a re-telling of Sleeping Beauty and the new experiment is to update it on Wattpad every Friday. Note to self: google alerts is your friend! I’m also committing to actually trying to make a go of my Patreon account. This means regular and timely updates and bonus material, whether it’s exclusive or time-sensitive. At…

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    Phoenix Awoken sky-rocks version done!

    Oh. My. Goodness. It’s done! Looking back, I said that I was starting Phoenix Awoken on August 18th back in 2014. Now, slightly less than two years later, I have a workable (I think? I hope!) version done. Right now, it’s sitting at 71,308 words and I expect it to get longer once I fill in all those pesky setting detail type things and flesh things out more. I’m really crossing my fingers because I re-wrote Phoenix Chosen about eight times and I’ve only re-done Awoken maybe four, five times. I don’t quite know how the story ballooned from one novel to a trilogy to the point where I had…

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    Eight days into the Year of the Fire Monkey

    It’s my birthday! Yep. I hit thirty today. It’s really hard to believe this is it, something that was always in the future until it smacked me right in the face, day of. It doesn’t bother me, actually, other than just being this really odd number that was supposed to mean something big until it came and I realized that it didn’t. It might actually bother me more how very anti-climactic hitting 30 is, but then what did I expect? 18 came and went, like any other day. 21 was kinda cool because it was nice to be allowed to drink alcohol, but I didn’t exactly go out and do…

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    More nitty gritty. Also, thoughts on KU.

    I put the books back on KU today. As I’ve mentioned before, there were many months where KU was the sole source of income and it seems silly to spit in the face of that. I have a theory that it’s easier to gain traction if you have more books to pave your way. This may or may not be accurate, but it makes sense, so I’m running with it for now. Asides from the theory of having a sufficient library of works making it easier to build up interest and therefore make going wide make sense, there’s also a whole slew of things that I need to be doing…

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