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    In which balls were drop-kicked and are rolling all over the universe

    I originally wanted to say that the “balls were dropped”, but that implies much less insanity than what actually happened. In short: graduate school was much harder than expected and the health issues did not resolve themselves as neatly as expected. However, I did manage to publish Not Just Human and Sunshine, so there’s that. I’m currently working on a re-telling of Sleeping Beauty and the new experiment is to update it on Wattpad every Friday. Note to self: google alerts is your friend! I’m also committing to actually trying to make a go of my Patreon account. This means regular and timely updates and bonus material, whether it’s exclusive or time-sensitive. At…

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    Phoenix Awoken sky-rocks version done!

    Oh. My. Goodness. It’s done! Looking back, I said that I was starting Phoenix Awoken on August 18th back in 2014. Now, slightly less than two years later, I have a workable (I think? I hope!) version done. Right now, it’s sitting at 71,308 words and I expect it to get longer once I fill in all those pesky setting detail type things and flesh things out more. I’m really crossing my fingers because I re-wrote Phoenix Chosen about eight times and I’ve only re-done Awoken maybe four, five times. I don’t quite know how the story ballooned from one novel to a trilogy to the point where I had…

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    Eight days into the Year of the Fire Monkey

    It’s my birthday! Yep. I hit thirty today. It’s really hard to believe this is it, something that was always in the future until it smacked me right in the face, day of. It doesn’t bother me, actually, other than just being this really odd number that was supposed to mean something big until it came and I realized that it didn’t. It might actually bother me more how very anti-climactic hitting 30 is, but then what did I expect? 18 came and went, like any other day. 21 was kinda cool because it was nice to be allowed to drink alcohol, but I didn’t exactly go out and do…

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    More nitty gritty. Also, thoughts on KU.

    I put the books back on KU today. As I’ve mentioned before, there were many months where KU was the sole source of income and it seems silly to spit in the face of that. I have a theory that it’s easier to gain traction if you have more books to pave your way. This may or may not be accurate, but it makes sense, so I’m running with it for now. Asides from the theory of having a sufficient library of works making it easier to build up interest and therefore make going wide make sense, there’s also a whole slew of things that I need to be doing…

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    Let’s talk financials

    Because why not? I like to think that I’m a scientist at heart, except, you know, without all that rigorous attention to detail and obsession over statistics and sample sizes. Also, this is a set up post to discuss KU and writerly plans and suggestions. Joking aside, I do think financial transparency* is a great thing and it puts things into perspective. (all separate links to various authors talking money) Like how someone can be a famous enough YouTuber to be mobbed at the Starbucks at which they work, yet be working at said Starbucks. Or how many entertainers can have a zillion (made up number) followers and yet still…

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    New Year’s Eve of 2015 – saying yes to hope

    Beautiful post on Saturn moving into Sagittarius. I wanted to quote, but I ended up wanting to clip the entire thing, so  I suppose y’all will just have to head over and read it. And yes, it’s for everyone, even if you don’t believe in the quackery: Fortunately, miracles aren’t granted only to the holy, the pious or the righteous. Miracles aren’t saved for the popular kids that are so #blessed. That’s privilege and it’s a human construct that has nothing to do with actual blessings. Miracles are something much more interesting. Miracles are taking place all the time. In big ways. In teeny-tiny ways. Inside every life. Miracles simply…

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    Writing the Other – be wary but do not fear

    Yesterday, I rage tweeted. Yet another author I liked wrote Asian characters in such a way as to make me want to spork myself. Today, someone mentioned feeling twitchy about writing POC characters and I decided to get out my soap box. First, the reason behind the rage tweeting: It wasn’t anything particularly egregious. It was just …literally …evil Chinese dragon shifter lady who tries to invade hero’s territory and killed indiscriminately and her kinsman who didn’t understand the concept of “asking” permission to settle somewhere before burning everything to the ground. Asking, was apparently something completely foreign to these dragon shifters. *sigh* What’s the big deal, Katje? I mean,…

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    Goddess in Waiting and an update on KU, etc

    Oh yeah, baby, I’m done. *flops* End word count is 39,600. Very neat. Nice. I do like my round numbers. I ended up deleting two chapters that turned out to be redundant, adding a chapter, doing some more edits, and boom. Off to my readers/editor. Only took about four months or so. (there’s a note from me to my reader asking about her thoughts on the alpha draft around Aug. 19th) So what now? I’m not sure yet. There’s still the Winter Solstice snippets I was thinking about doing, which might be fun for some down-time writing while I figure out the next long project. I also figured out the…

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    News, projections and so forth

    Goddess is four chapters away from first-pass edits. I expect that I will be done before the end of December 2015. Depending on various schedules, I’m hoping for a release sometime around my birthday in February. It’s later than I would like as I’d been dreaming of being able to push Goddess out the door before the end of 2015. Oh well! Of course, hopes will be hopes. Goddess started out at 28,677 words at the beginning of edits and it’s now sitting at 39,430. I’ve been saying “only four more chapters to go” for the last week and adding on words as fast as I can type ’em all the…

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    Happy mandatory-family-friend-hanging-out time!

    Be it Hanukkah or X’mas or Bodhi Day or The Day of the Return of the Wandering Goddess (awesome sounding, btw), or Kwanza or Omisoka or Saturnalia or the Winter Solstice — I wish everyone the best one. That said. Good lords and ladies, I’m happy to be in Taiwan: the holiday mania hasn’t really gotten in full swing here yet and I’m grateful. Having spent the last decade or so in America, the difference is startling. Don’t get me wrong – I love the holiday whirl as much as the next introvert does. Which is to say, with great joy and great trepidation and much reservation. I enjoyed going…

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