Where am I? Where are you?

We are currently under lockdown in Taiwan. Fines if you have more than five people in your domicile. Fines for going out without a mask, even in your car. Signing in everywhere, from the 7-11 to the Carrefour to the barber’s shop if you dare go.

It is an odd place to be, considering all my friends elsewhere are speaking of finally being able to go out and do things, sometimes even with masks off.

It is especially odd, as there is no great push to get vaccinated, because we don’t have enough vaccines.
Supposedly, we don’t have enough doses because there is a global shortage, but as our president has been campaigning for us to take the domestically produced version coming out in July… I have my doubts.

Our esteemed president claimed to be “saving her arm” for the domestic vaccine, spoken as if it’s some form of nationalist pride, and I have my questions.

Some claims she’s already had her shot. I wouldn’t doubt it for a moment, because as we all know, those in power are very afraid of death. But who knows?

What I think is illuminating, as China-US tensions escalate and China’s rhetoric gets more and more heated and the US sells us ever more of their out-dated toys while claiming to have our back… is how we don’t have enough vaccines and the US produces them.

And yet.

Gloom and doom aside, it is mango season in Taiwan and I have taken to eating them cut up in bowls, chilled, two at a time.

It isn’t easy finding the mangos I love. Popular types all trend towards the very sweet and they’re getting bigger and bigger, almost the size of a papaya. Sometimes they’re sweet and watery, without the floral-bitter-sharp bite a mango should have.

But for the time being, there are three boxes of mangos in the fridge, and I will eat them, savoring the tart-sweet of the now rather than holding onto the acrid taste of fear for the future.