Love All Year

A bit late to the game, but better late than never?

Love All Year has been released into the wild, where we all hope it will do well and find homes with people who will love it.

If you read “In Memory Of” from a while back, this is that story. Writing it brought me joy, and I hope if you pick this anthology up, that it bring you joy as well.

Yùlán, Verity, and Lucien’s story is a story of what ifs, but all sweet ones, if sometimes challenging.
What if more joy showed up for you?
What if your world expanded and you found more to love and be loved by?
What if the unknown didn’t carry danger, but supported you in all your idiosyncrasies?

Yùlán loves the way I want to love. Verity is loved the way I want to be loved. And Lucien is the sweetest blend of the two and yet very much a person in his own right.

I beta read Savannah’s story for this anthology, and it’s a lovely second chance romance filled with delicious food and wonderful family, both blood and found. I don’t usually go in for second chances, but I was utterly sold on this story.

We’re nearing the end of 2020, dear friends. I hope you all are holding in there and doing well.

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