April already?

I’ll spare y’all the musings on how time flies etc etc.

(even though it does)

It took me more time than expected to get over the Finland trip (that debacle is a whole post in of itself but suffice to say that it ended up with the tour leader being sat down and told she wasn’t getting tips from more than half the group because of how awful she’d been. not just unprofessional and unprepared, but actively unfriendly.) and then it was a non-stop whirlwind of drama! change! omg! wtf! after that.

The family decided (without my input) that it would be best for everyone if I moved out. So that was A Thing for a while.

Since then, Mom has decided, due to super expensive housing prices, that I don’t have to move, but only if I behave, which is fun to hear when thirty is in the rear view mirror.

Then mom decided that she’d pay for my meds until the end of December and not after, so that was also super exciting.

Everything is thus all up in the air.

Lil bro is coming back to Taiwan, getting his military service out of the way, and applying to medical school, which is another huge kettle of Happening.

And mom tore a muscle when she fell during our trip, so surgery might be in the cards, which means I’ll likely be the one tapped to help with all major aspects of the recovery. That’ll be fun to navigate when it comes to mom’s need to cook three course dinners versus arm surgery that is likely to take her out of commission versus my lack of spoons. We’ll see.

So much excite, so little bandwidth, and the real kicker was that I was going to release Ride the Dawn, my super C-tropey wuxia romance short, but my editor told me that it was sweet and cute and had no plot.

Back to the drawing board for me then. (it needs extensive editing and lengthening, but it’s getting released, eventually!)

In the meantime, I am still editing Phoenix Awoken. It’s going slowly, but surely (I hope).

I’m on chapter 14 out of 40, which just sounds pitiful, but it’s going. I swear.

I’ve been also been posting regularly on Patreon, so join me there if you’re interested in behind-the-scenes analysis of why a certain honorific for the heroine of Ride the Dawn, what non-binary characters use as pronouns, and the serialized story of a tiger princess who finds herself in the position of having to raise another tiger prince (her niece) to the throne.

As always, Twitter (@katjexia) is the best place to catch me. I’m there most days, posting about hysterically funny Fukkienese idioms (using parasites to itch one’s own ass is used to describe someone who is not only bored, but of the tormenting kittens bent), or puns.

I’m pausing the Wattpad stories for now because I haven’t had the energy to keep on top of things, but it’s at the back of my mind, I promise.

That’s it for now. Until later, beloveds!

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