My 2018 in books

I got the idea from my Lexie-love and thought that it looked like a lot of fun. If any of you do this, please link me and let me know!

Anyway, without further exposition…

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Describe Yourself: Jane Doe – Victoria Helen Stone

I think rather than I am Jane Doe, Jane Doe is my heroine and who I want to be. She’s smart, collected, and just a little bit ruthless – but only to people who deserve it. She doesn’t turn that sharp edge on the innocent, and that’s so key for me loving her.

How do you feel: Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox – Forthright

A bit adrift. A bit uncertain. Filled with wondering horror and questioning awe at the world I’m in, but determined to do the best I can for everyone I can.

Describe where you currently live: City of War – Debbie Cassidy

This one was chosen more for the title than anything else, but the story fits. It’s 2019 and it’s time to take a stand, no matter where we are. Fight for what you love. Fight for what’s good and right.

If you could go anywhere, where would you go: When We Were Crowned – Auryn Hadley

I couldn’t find something purely fluffy, so let’s go for something more realistic, I guess. Get through the gladiator trials. Kill the enemies. Bring peace to the country. Find true love. Kick ass. Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Your best friend is: Blade’s Destiny – Lisa Blackwood

Loyal, kick-ass, takes no prisoners, and can vivisect you with a well-chosen sentence. (this book is really good, but it does end on a sorta-cliffhanger. the other books in the series are just as good and standalone, so go for those.)

What is life to you: Succubus on a Mission –  L.L Frost

With the chronic illness, I sometimes feel like a leech. (here’s where the vampire girl story comes from).

Adie doesn’t want to feed the way a succubus does, but it’s to her detriment, and now she’s got a mission on top of everything else. I sympathize with how hard she’s trying and how sometimes the flailing doesn’t get her anywhere fast.

Your fear: One Apocalypse – Kristy Cunning

It’s 2019 and the world is still actively burning. No more need be said, right?

What is the best advice you have to give: Calling the Change – Michelle Diener

Okay, so the blurb says that the hero rescues Taya from the moon, right? And yeah, his nifty space ship did bring them back, but never forget that it’s Taya’s change that bought them the chance to escape. This isn’t your usual damsel in distress waiting to be saved. No. This is someone who goes out and kicks ass, who does what’s right despite the danger to herself. Despite being kidnapped to the moon (their world’s tech level is horses and wagons, for an idea). Despite being trapped on said moon where nothing behaves the way it ought. Where all the powers of her family and friends don’t work. Despite everything, Taya pays attention and finds a way out. (sure, it helps that the moon happens to have a plot device that helps, but still)

Thought for the Day: Royal Magic – K.M Shea

I love K.M Shea’s books in general, but I have a particular fondness for the redemption of past assholes and enemies->friends->lover plots. Like most of her other stuff, Royal Magic is sweet-fluffy with a clear edge of bitter-sharp. Royal Magic in particular, reminds me that there’s an inner asshole in all of us who could do with some redemption.

My soul’s present condition: Surrendered to the Sea – Dessa Lux (m/m, mpreg)

Warning: Devon does start the book with an suicide attempt.

A lot of this book resonated. Devon’s hopelessness. The feeling of “I just want to be loved for me.” and feeling that it’s too hard, too much, and what’s the point. Lir’s got his own issues, but he rises to the occasion, mostly, and despite the rocky start, I found most of it to be hopeful and sweet while acknowledging the difficulties they have to overcome.

So that’s it for 2018. May we have put it thoroughly to bed and may 2019 be better. So much better.

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