Looking forward to 2019

It’s been a complicated year, but then that’s like saying that the sky is blue.

A bit more so this year, however.

I finished two books and sent them out into the world. Past Love’s Triumph, and Goddess in Waiting.

Which, by the by, Past Love’s Triumph is now wide and if Amazon isn’t your jam, then you can find it on Smashwords, or your vendor of choice.

Ariagne has also been taken out of KU, but for the moment it’s not wide yet because of formatting issues. For those that care, if I’m putting it up on Smashwords to be included in the premium catalog (going to vendors other than Smashwords) it can’t have links in the back matter and it needs to either be in a neat .doc or .epub. The format I have now is mobi and I don’t have the brain to re-format the thing right now.

I made new friends, posted stuff on Patreon, went on the WXR cruise, and I felt like I Did Stuff, but I also feel like I didn’t Accomplish Stuff, if that makes sense.

Then again, there was the great Tumor Scare of 2018.

TL;DR: an ultrasound found a Thing in my liver, the doctor called it a tumor, and then there were talks about CT scans and biopsies and so on. I went and got a second and third opinion and in general we think that it was a false scare and that I’m fine. Probably. That took up a lot of time, energy, and fairly wiped me out for the rest of the year.

So 2019.

I’m wiffling back and forth on whether to go to Dublin for WorldCon. I’m not super into the idea of WorldCon itself, but I have friends that are going and I really want to go to Ireland and see if I like it as much as Scotland and and and…

(look, not being into the idea of WorldCon is …total sour grapes, FYI…)

…but also travel, money, spoons, and my ghost shrimpiness.

Same with WXR. I’d love to do it again, but see above. Or see the post about the cruise.

Jesse mentioned the Surrey BC writer’s conference and I’m tempted, so lots to think about. It’s a long way to fly just for two days, so I’d want to pair it something else, and then things get complicated. Plus it sounds like it’d eat spoons like a devourer.

After the Great Tumor Scare, I’m more inclined to pull money out of my IRA and just go Do The Things because you never know. My Second Uncle dropped dead of a heart attack out of the blue and another uncle had a stroke shortly after his funeral. It’s just been A Lot and combined with how on fire the world’s been this year, it seems like chasing joy is better worth my money and life than trying to play it safe.

In the meantime, while I waffle waffle waffle…

Part of being fair with myself re: whether Stuff Got Done is setting up goalposts and not moving them unless it’s to reassess whether they’re unreasonable for my current state of being. (apparently walking 10k steps a day for 8 consecutive days in a row will wipe me out. good to know. yay.)

My plans for 2019 (tentative, because everytime I plan, I hear the Universe cackling):

  • re-edit Phoenix Chosen and re-release.
  • send Ariagne wide
  • publish Silenced (Little Mermaid re-telling) in KU for three months, then take it wide
  • finally finish the edits for Phoenix Awoken (yes, it’s book two! I’m sorry!) and publish that.
  • finish Sentinel Academy (Wattpad first)

Stretch goals!

  • Finish Melisangre (Beauty and the Beast re-telling. Also Wattpad first.)
  • Finish Phoenix Book 3 (currently unnamed. I need to go back and check my list of words ending in -en)

As for Patreon – I’m going to keep posting bits of Sunny’s story, tidbits about worldbuilding, and I’ll be collecting some of my Twitter threads about Chinese puns, idioms, and other cultural stuff, and re-posting them there.

So that’s the outline for 2019 – here’s hoping it’s a lot better than 2018.


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