Kindle Unlimited versus going wide

Silenced is plodding along. I’ve pinpointed the issue with it though, so here’s hoping that it will go faster from now on. For a given bit of “going faster”, of course.

My problem was that Silenced didn’t feel much like a story. Things happen, but there wasn’t enough of a journey. Not  spiritually, not romantically, and definitely not dramatically. As it was, I figure people would have been grumpy about “is this really romance? but they’re together in two chapters, tops!”, but I didn’t want to tip it over into pure fantasy either.

So now it’s going to go on for a little bit longer than I expected it to, but that’s fine.

Anyways. For various reasons, I’ve been thinking about taking my stories out of Kindle Unlimited and going wide. Not the least of which is the monumental evil of the ‘zon and not wanting to make it even more of a monster than it already is, but also because eggs, basket, and all that.

I think I might start with Not Just Human, since that one doesn’t get much attention anyway.

I’m currently working on a shorty short called “Adam, Eve, Lucifer and Lilith walk into a bard” over on Patreon. When that’s done, I’m thinking that I’ll pull Not Just Human, put the shorty short in it, and then throw it up wide on permafree or something like that.

Silenced will be on KU for three months, I’ll let everyone know that if they want to read it for free they should do it then, and then I’ll put it wide as well.

Anyway, that’s the plan for now. I’m almost loathe to speak of plans because the last time I did, I got the mumps and before that… But hey.

If anyone’s interested in the current iteration of Silenced, it’s up on Wattpad. 

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