TinyLetters and Mercury in Leo

I read a TinyLetter this morning and decided oh hey, this seems like a good idea; I should do one too!

For those not in the know, a TinyLetter is a stripped down newsletter that tends towards the rambly, personal, possibly just a bit TMI newsy news rather than about businessy types things like releases, blurbs, and so forth.

There’s something incredibly appealing about it, both to get and receive. There’s this illusion (yes, mostly, probably illusion. I’m sorry.) that the letter writer is a close friend spilling everything in a letter just for you. And as the letter writer, there’s some special sort of joy in the writing and the sending and the knowing that there’s actually a list out there of people who want to hear about your life. Exclusively about your life.

I blame Mercury in Leo for my impetuous decision to do The Thing. As warned, my TinyLetter, which one can sign up for here, is just about my life and it’s likely to be NSFW at times, rambly, possibly TMI-ed, and highly irregular. Both in how often one is sent (I’ll try not to do a spate of daily ones) and what’s written within. Offerings may include anything from Patreon snippets to Wattpad WIPs to what I’m learning about astrology and tarot.

So that’s the new thing!

In other news, I’m mostly over the mumps, although the appetite is super slow to return and probably adversely affecting my ability to do anything else. I did post some stuff up on my Patreon, which I’m pretty pleased by, and I’m hoping to actually get more WIP words down soon.

Possibly not today because today has been the Day of Cooking Black Herbal Water and yesterday was filled with Things That Ate Spoons and I want a nap. Tomorrow!

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