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    TinyLetters and Mercury in Leo

    I read a TinyLetter this morning and decided oh hey, this seems like a good idea; I should do one too! For those not in the know, a TinyLetter is a stripped down newsletter that tends towards the rambly, personal, possibly just a bit TMI newsy news rather than about businessy types things like releases, blurbs, and so forth. There’s something incredibly appealing about it, both to get and receive. There’s this illusion (yes, mostly, probably illusion. I’m sorry.) that the letter writer is a close friend spilling everything in a letter just for you. And as the letter writer, there’s some special sort of joy in the writing and…

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    The mumpsy one surfaces!

    Whew. It’s been a while since I last posted. My summer solstice resolution for this year is to get better about posting on my blog. Let’s see how that goes… *sheepish grin* I know, I know, I’ve only made this resolution almost every single time I’ve noticed the sad state of my blog, but hope springs eternal. I’m still in a period of “katje plans; the Universe sighs and then laughs hysterically”, so~ The latest in the wtfery is getting the mumps immediately after buying a book cover for the WIP I’ve had in the wings since 2016. Yep, you read right – the mumps. Who even gets the mumps…

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