I originally wanted to say that the “balls were dropped”, but that implies much less insanity than what actually happened.

In short: graduate school was much harder than expected and the health issues did not resolve themselves as neatly as expected.

However, I did manage to publish Not Just Human and Sunshine, so there’s that.

I’m currently working on a re-telling of Sleeping Beauty and the new experiment is to update it on Wattpad every Friday. Note to self: google alerts is your friend!

I’m also committing to actually trying to make a go of my Patreon account. This means regular and timely updates and bonus material, whether it’s exclusive or time-sensitive. At the moment, I’m thinking that I’ll post extra chapters of Past Love’s Triumph, the Sleeping Beauty story, ahead of the Wattpad schedule. Also, maybe short stories, and snippets. Perhaps deleted scenes – I always enjoy those.

So that’s what’s going on for now!