Phoenix Awoken sky-rocks version done!

Oh. My. Goodness. It’s done!

Looking back, I said that I was starting Phoenix Awoken on August 18th back in 2014. Now, slightly less than two years later, I have a workable (I think? I hope!) version done.

Right now, it’s sitting at 71,308 words and I expect it to get longer once I fill in all those pesky setting detail type things and flesh things out more.

I’m really crossing my fingers because I re-wrote Phoenix Chosen about eight times and I’ve only re-done Awoken maybe four, five times.

I don’t quite know how the story ballooned from one novel to a trilogy to the point where I had to split out book two into three books, but it’s been a fun ride. Put this up under the list of things I might not have done if I had known how much escalation would have happened…

Nah, not that it wouldn’t have happened. Phoenix is still really the story of my heart, the story that I’ve always wanted to tell. I just don’t know that I would have chosen a six-maybe-more book series to start out as a fledgling writer.

2016 has been more eventful than anticipated.  I thought at the start of the year that I’d have lots of time to write and do the health thing and sort of figure things out, but it didn’t end up happening that way.

For the record?

Clearing out and cleaning a five bedroom house with a basement and attic and garage is…going to take about a hundred times as much time and energy and stress as you think it’s going to. Just FYI in case that ever become something you need to think about.

Especially when first the hot water heater esplodes water all over the basement. Then the washing machine. Twice. And then rando puddles keep forming.

In other news, I still need to work on Goddess edits, but I’ve also finished Sunshine (mostly), and the little mermaid retelling (mostly).

So I think I will be able to release a short story anthology (is it still an anthology with only one author?) with Prey, the little mermaid re-telling, and the cyborg sexy.  Then Sunshine or Goddess, depending on which one gets attention first. Finally, I’m hoping to be able to release Awoken before the end of 2016, but that really depends on edits and whether or not I shred it back to pieces and start over again.

We’ll see.

Yes, 2016 is apparently also the year of “we’ll see”.

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