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More nitty gritty. Also, thoughts on KU.

I put the books back on KU today.

As I’ve mentioned before, there were many months where KU was the sole source of income and it seems silly to spit in the face of that. I have a theory that it’s easier to gain traction if you have more books to pave your way. This may or may not be accurate, but it makes sense, so I’m running with it for now.

Asides from the theory of having a sufficient library of works making it easier to build up interest and therefore make going wide make sense, there’s also a whole slew of things that I need to be doing before I can go wide. Other than writing more books, I need to:

1. update the back matter of my current books to reflect things like newsletter sign up, links to other books, etc. This requires learning some other things like updating my site, installing plug-ins, and some code.

2. learn how to format my own books (this might …take me a long time)

3. learn macros and etc for my word processors

4. …and edit Phoenix Chosen for the typos that were missed the first 20 rounds of edits. There’s apparently at least two instances of Aedrian being surnamed MacKenna rather than McKenna. *sigh* As I said, brain-fatigue is a killer. Do not die.

5. put a contact form on the website and in fact, update the website

A couple of things therefore complicate the matter.

I’m currently living with my parents while we try a variety of different things to address the health issues. I am getting better day by day.┬áRight now 2016 is treating me very well. I’m about 13k in on the rewrite of Phoenix Awoken over the past 6 days and I have high hopes that I might be able to finish a rough draft before the end of the month. That’s huge for me.

I cannot expect to live off my parents indefinitely. I have issues with how things as it is, because believe me, there is little more uncomfortable for an outwardly abled person to tell everyone in their family who asks that their current day job is “healing”. Even if it is absolutely fair and true.

Once I get sufficiently well to hold down a normal day job and be self-sufficient, I will be doing my best to do so. Therefore my gravy train does have an end station and it is (hopefully) in sight. I hear back from the grad schools I applied to for my masters in interpretation and translation around March or April. I then go back to the US to pack up my remaining stuff in preparation for my parents selling their home. I return to Taiwan at the end of July and from there I will either go to school or find a job.

To be honest, I don’t know if I will be able to write with any amount of clarity or speed when I’m doing other full time things with my life, even if my health does improve at its current speed. Right now I have about 2.5 to 3 hours of brain / activity time before my energy and focus start sliding sideways. That’s after more than six months of whatever I’m doing to try and fix things. If the trajectory holds, I will have 6 or 8 hours by July next year, which might cover me for school/job but maybe not quite. There’s a lot less spoons associated with writing in your jammies than navigating Real Life ™ with things like rush hour traffic, bosses, and so forth.

Therefore, I can only conclude that it would make more sense for me to try and write as much as I can while the support net is still in place and then worry about learning things like coding and formatting later, since theoretically all that is something that will be more amenable to being done on lower brain power and piecemeal.

It will be good if I’m doing something that feels productive towards my writing even if the learning curve is super steep while I’m doing other adulting things.

… so for now it’s going to be KU. I’m really sorry for whoever wants to buy my book but is thwarted by Amazon either not being in your area or a very reasonable hatred for all things Amazon, but right now it looks like KU is what’s best for me.

If you are unable to get a copy of my book, drop me a line and I’ll send you a copy. No strings. Just let me know.


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