Goddess in Waiting and an update on KU, etc

Oh yeah, baby, I’m done.


End word count is 39,600. Very neat. Nice. I do like my round numbers.

I ended up deleting two chapters that turned out to be redundant, adding a chapter, doing some more edits, and boom. Off to my readers/editor. Only took about four months or so. (there’s a note from me to my reader asking about her thoughts on the alpha draft around Aug. 19th)

So what now?

I’m not sure yet. There’s still the Winter Solstice snippets I was thinking about doing, which might be fun for some down-time writing while I figure out the next long project. I also figured out the re-telling of the Three Little Pigs that I was going to do, so that might be fun too.

Spoilers: it’s going to be in three difference perspectives, sequential shorts linked together rather than having the third sister as an MC throughout like I originally planned and it’s not going to be romance-y. So there’s that. It’ll be interesting to see if I keep to the no-romance thought because I haven’t yet written anything that doesn’t have a romance, so we’ll see.

Girding my loins and sucking up the idea that I’m just going to have to rewrite Phoenix book two from scratch for the…um, third or fourth time. Woo. Fourth, I’m pretty sure. Or is it fifth because the one I’m scrapping is the fourth? Ah well. Guess it really doesn’t matter at this point…

Ah. And KU.

My books are going to be temporarily off KU while I sort things out as to what would be better going forward.

It’s complicated because there were some months where I wouldn’t have made any money except for KU borrows. And I don’t have a large backlist or an extended series at the moment, so getting what I get while the getting’s good is a valid way to play the game. Drew tarot cards asking and it was Ten of Pentacles for keeping them on KU and The Tower for taking them off. Can’t really decide if The Tower is going to end in happy happy fun fun or not, so…

On the other hand, I was recently informed that someone wanted to buy my book but couldn’t because it was only available on Amazon. I keep being stupidly US-centric and forgetting that the mighty Amazon isn’t accessible for everyone. Bad me.

And on one foot, if I kept at KU, I’d have to rethink my Patreon account because currently I have both Ariagne and Phoenix Chosen up for my patrons (of any amount of patronage) and that would violate the exclusivity TOS that Amazon insists on. For that matter, even giving out review copies is apparently a violation.

Lastly, on the other foot, I’ve been told that Amazon buyers are apparently gaining a reputation for not giving out reviews whereas buyers on other platforms do. So there’s that.

…much pondering to be done.



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