News, projections and so forth

Goddess is four chapters away from first-pass edits. I expect that I will be done before the end of December 2015.┬áDepending on various schedules, I’m hoping for a release sometime around my birthday in February. It’s later than I would like as I’d been dreaming of being able to push Goddess out the door before the end of 2015. Oh well!

Of course, hopes will be hopes. Goddess started out at 28,677 words at the beginning of edits and it’s now sitting at 39,430. I’ve been saying “only four more chapters to go” for the last week and adding on words as fast as I can type ’em all the while. As it is, at least two more chapters will be inserted into the next four and my readers might come back with requests for more clarification.

It’s the holiday season, so everyone’s short on time, but we’ll see.

There’s a deluge of X’mas themed stories around and I’m toying with the idea of writing something short and sweet for the season. Of course, it’d probably be winter solstice rather than X’mas as I really don’t think Estyria and Seth and Aedrian would be celebrating X’mas per se. Yule for Aedrian, perhaps, but mostly Winter Solstice and Lunar New Year for Estyria and Seth.

If I went with Ariagne and Aidoneus, it should also be Winter Solstice, but different. It’s interesting to think of how our traditions might change when we encounter alien civilizations and the brute force of Time. How would a dryad celebrate a winter holiday? Would they even, or is it hibernation time? Certainly no chopping down and decorating of trees, much less the burning of the Yule log. As for Aidoneus, what does he believe in? I’m not sure, actually, so teasing it out might be a fun exercise. And they are on an ice planet now, one with a sentience all its own and bound to it — so how does that affect things?

I’m uncertain about what’s next after Goddess. Common sense and that niggling little voice of “you started a series; finish it!” tell me it should be Phoenix book two, but we’ll see.

Depending on edits and interest, I might do an anthology for low-hanging fruit purposes before/during Phoenix 2.

Ariagne used to be an experiment where I interspersed the sci-fi re-telling of Persephone with a more traditional mythological-esque re-telling. I would write one chapter in myth form and then continue the story in the sci-fi setting and so forth. It was an interesting experiment, but it didn’t work as well as I wanted to, so there’s about four or five chapters of the myth re-telling sobbing in a corner somewhere. I’m thinking about collecting what I do have, sorting it out, and including it in the anthology along with some other shorts I have.

The only reservation I have is that some of the shorts, being older work, might not be able to be cleaned up to my current level of joy without essentially taking the premise and writing a whole new story. And if I’m going to write a whole new story out of an established idea at this point, it’s going to be Awoken. We’ll see.

Yeah, I’m saying that a lot, aren’t I? Unfortunately, what 2015 taught me is essentially that. We’ll see.

Another thing on the docket is to publish the short sexy pieces I wrote for writing calls. However, I won’t be publishing them under Ekaterine Xia. They’ll be under another pen name since I really don’t want to explain to my family anything involving the sexy I write. Bad enough Chosen involves two men… not that any of my family members who asked for copies have actually read it through and talked to me about what the fuck Katje! or anything, so hey. Reason #2 of why I’m in no hurry to translate my work into Chinese…

In short, tentative plans for 2016:


Winter Solstice/Lunar New Year snippets

Two ~ three sexy shorts: Cavalier’s Queen, More than Human (cyborg), Hunted

Possible anthology: Mnemosyne and the corresponding male POV, Silenced, the gargoyle stories, Daughter of the Alpha and Beta, Ariagne myth version



Stretch goals:


Seven Swans re-telling

Three Little Pigs re-telling

So that’s the plan. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll probably do up another post in the new year where I look at how much actual work is going to have to go into the stories and see if I still think this is doable.





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