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Europe trip. Woo!

Much has happened.

I self-published my second book, Ariagne. More on this later.

I made arrangements to ship all of my worldly belongings to Taiwan. I found out, five days before they were going to come and pick my stuff up that the company Air7Seas is super-sketch and that I needed a plan B, stat. Cue unpacking my existing boxes, repacking, and trying to figure out what I really couldn’t live without to bring in my suitcases to Taiwan and storing the rest with my friends. More on that later because I feel like there’s a need for a PSA regarding how shady this company is.

I’m leaving for a month in Europe starting tomorrow. So I’m really excited but I’m also really stressed out because the house is a disaster zone from all of my unpacking/repacking/packing/sorting and I’ll have about 8 days when I get back to really sort things through before I head to Taiwan. Woo.

So. Europe trip.

Because of my health issues, i.e, general lack of energy, loss of stamina, and much puny-tude, I decided that I was going to attempt one-bag traveling.

For those not in the know, the idea of one-bag travel is to put all the things you will need for a trip in a bag that is carry-on size or smaller. It’s all about minimizing, baby. Story of my life right now. Minimizing.

Most people do this because they don’t want to risk losing their luggage and/or they loathe waiting around for their luggage after arrival. And/or they’re backpackers who want to travel light.

I’m probably going to check my bag anyway because I’m flying economy and trying to find enough overhead bin space for even a purse is like begging for alms. But, the idea is that I should be able to manage with a smaller backpack when we’re actually traveling around Europe.

Right now, my friend Iddt and I will be flying from Boston to Barcelona, staying there for a week, then making our way up to Brussels, then Amsterdam, then Copenhagen. There, I will meet up with my mother on the 24th of May and going on a North European cruise with her.

Keeping that in mind, packing for warm and sunny Barcelona and potentially windy/rainy/nippy Northern Europe in one bag was a wee bit challenging. Also, I would be away from home for a full month.

What I ended up packing (I feel like I should add pictures, but that’s effort and I’m not a travel blogger so I guess anyone who cares can ask for them):

Going in the 30 liter bag (15 pounds):

A towel – it’s not microfiber, which I may end up regretting because of the size

Two long sleeved maxi dresses

One short sleeve maxi dress

One long sleeve infinity dress

Swimming goggles and swimsuit


Three pairs of socks/underwear

Two bras

Long knit cardigan

Yoga pants

One t-shirt for sleeping/yoga

Pair of sandals

Toiletries – travel bottle of body wash, shampoo, facial wash, small thing of moisturizer and laundry detergent

One package of my grain drink

Going in my personal items backpack:

My ultrabook – I’m going to be on the ship and probably have some spare time to hopefully write

Assorted charging apparatus and travel power plugs

My kindle – self-explanatory

My nexus — I really debated leaving this at home, but I use Line on it to contact my parents and I play games on it.


My Grayl filtration bottle

Passport / money / etc

A silk sleep sack

Moisturizer for the plane trip, allergy meds, toothbrush, floss and travel toothpaste.

Debating bringing:

A travel hairdryer – I get headaches if I don’t dry my hair fully and I’m not sure all the places will have one. Bulky though.

Anker travel power brick – my Nexus and my Kindle all have pretty good battery lives, so I really might just leave this

My blanket – I often have problems sleeping in new environments because I’m sensitive to scents and texture. It would be a bit of a pain though, so I’m really debating leaving it behind. On the other hand, sleeping poorly for an entire month seems like a recipe for tears.

Ankle boots — I kinda want these because they would be better than my Mary Janes for rain, but they’re bulky, heavy, and they have a slight heel. I know I can walk for hours in them, but do I really want to?

Lastly, I’ll be wearing a sleeveless maxi dress and a long denim jacket for the trip. 

So. We’ll see how this goes. I’m hoping that I’ve packed intelligently enough that I will be able to traverse a range of temperatures from 50F to 80F, from rainy to sunny, without much discomfort.  I will admit to some disgruntlement that about 1/3 of the bag is taken up by the cold weather gear. The 15 pounds is a bit on the heavy side for me, but hopefully it won’t be too much of a problem. The bag is stuffed to the gills, however, so that’s an ix nay on buying anything in Europe. Just as well since I don’t have the budget for it.

I’ll be back with an update when I get back with an assessment of what I regretted bringing. Hopefully it will be nothing!


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