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    Messaging 101 on OKCupid

    Really, I should have titled it Messaging 0.1, but hey, I’m feeling nice today. Btw, this is directed mostly at guys because, surprise surprise, being het means I get guy messages, but this applies to women too. 1. Read the damn profile. Seriously. For reals. Just read it. There’s nothing that turns me off faster than realizing that you didn’t take the time to read the profile. Especially the “you should message me if” part. You know, the part that says I’m not open to random hookups or sex. And you know what? This feeds into #2, because if you knew enough not to commit #2, then at least you’d…

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    Expatriating, repatriating, and “sea-returning”

    Thene mentioned someone at work talking to her about sea turtles. For the record? Us Chinese love our puns. Love love love. Sea turtles (海龜), pronounced exactly the same as sea-return (海歸), which I think is short for “海外+歸來” which means returned from abroad. Ocean-out, obviously, meaning abroad. So, many kids who went out for a degree/work experience and came back are called sea turtles. So technically I am one. Except I’m not. Yeah, really, I’m not. I’m not even repatriating, really, because the overall consensus is that “repatriation means returning to a country you call home/ once considered your permanent home.”  Yeah, no. I was born in Taiwan, lived…

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    Moving plans

    Remember when I said before that the powers that be should feel free to laugh at my plans? Well, I suppose they are… in a way that I hadn’t even seen coming. *deep breath* I’m moving back to Taiwan because my parents are there and because I will have access to good, affordable, nationalized healthcare. My health has been on a decline for the last ten years, so in a way I suppose I should have seen this possibility, but who ever really wants to think that their body would refuse to cooperate with them like this? I always assumed that I’d hit a new low and that it would…

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