Thoughts on discussion and comments

My site was the victim of a brute force attack. My service provider had to disable the log-in since the bots wouldn’t quit trying to get in and so I lost access for a while. It’s back now and hopefully I’ll be able to figure out something to keep it from going down again in the future.

I’ve never shut off comments to old posts — the internet being what it is, unless it’s a post on a time sensitive topic, or even then, I usually think of posts as potential for an on-going discussion with people who might be a bit late to the party.

That said, after one of my posts got 435 spam comments over the course of this weekend, I had to bow to the scourge and I shut off the comments to Goddess in Waiting ch. 2.

Some blog owners have a policy of shutting off comments after a certain number of days, but I’m trying to hold off on that. Hopefully, since the bulk of my spam comments are all directed at that page for some reason obscured to me, that’ll solve the problem for now.

I hate captcha — mostly because I usually fail at it and I think that most people are more loathe to comment if you add even a bit more of a hurdle to it, but I have to admit I’m seeing the lure at this point. However, even if I do go down that dark path, I will choose a math one rather than those unholy scribbles.


Anyway, I spent about an hour skimming over and deleting spam comments today. It’s not something that has ever really troubled me before, so I have a new found appreciation for what people mean when they claim that blog maintenance can take up a healthy chunk of time.


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