Phoenix Chosen now available on KU

Yeah, yeah, I know I said yesterday that I’d put Phoenix Chosen on KU when book two was ready for actual book-gestation, but I’ve figured out a way to get around the whole sweepstakes etc whatever thing: KU will allow me to set my book for free, allowing anyone who’s interested to grab it.

The Chinese have a tradition of celebrating when a baby reaches its first month anniversary. So, in acknowledgement of that and because I’m finally over the squee-nauseous-squee and have regained half of my brain, I’m going to have a book-baby celebration.

As with the traditional celebrations, there will be a bit of lead up until the main event, so I’ll be giving away books from my favorite author list from now until the 18th, when the book goes free on KU for the weekend.

Entering is easy — just sign up for my newsletter and send me an email at ekaterinexia at gmail telling me what book you would like by which author, if any, or if you don’t know the authors, tell me your favorite genre and trope and I’ll pick something for you.

I’ll pick a random entrant from the first 10 sign-ups I get every day until the 18th. On the 18th, I’ll gift any book from Cindy Pon and Jeannie Lin to one lucky person. Yep, that’s two books, three if you count the fact that Phoenix Chosen is free on that day as well. Edited to add:ย The lovely Jeannie Lin suggested The Hidden Blade by Sherry Thomas and since it’s a historical set in England involving wuxia elements, how could I resist? My Beautiful Enemy is the companion book and the one I read and loved, so I think I’m tossing that in as well.

So! Enter for the chance to win five books, all with different angles and takes. C’mon, how can you resist?

The giveaways will be ebooks sent via gifting from Amazon, Nook, or Smashwords. Let me know if you care either way as well. Note that this restriction might throw some wrenches into the works, but we’ll sort it out. ๐Ÿ™‚

Some of my favorite authors:

Ilona Andrews – any book, including Burn for Me (I’ll gift it the day it comes out). I love her strong, kick-ass heroines and their sense of humor.

Anne Bishop – love her Dark Jewel’s series and the Other books

Carolyn Jewel – historical and paranormal romance

Laura Florand – deliciously bittersweet contemporaries

Charlene Teglia — steamy hot romance with a wicked sense of humor

Sasha Devlin – all the heart with plenty of sizzle. (She’s part of a new bundle that’s coming out!)

Dee Carney – a little bit exotic, a whole lot erotic

Hailey Edwards – fantasy romance that isn’t quite like any other

Courtney Milan – clever, poignant and lovely historical romance

Nalini Singh – her angels are to die for.

I’m sure I’m forgetting someone and some books, but there’ll be other opportunities. ๐Ÿ™‚

What are you waiting for? Email me!