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    Appalling it needs to be said…but…

    I do so hereby solemnly swear that I will not, under any circumstances, stalk, bully, harass, or even contact someone who’s expressed an opinion of my book. Any names and addresses I receive for giveaway purposes will be promptly discarded in a safe fashion after the book has been mailed out. I also swear to never pass along such sensitive information unless instructed to do so by the owner of said information. …. Seriously, this needs to be said? For those not in the know, suffice to say that an author stalked a reviewer online and off, culminating in the author driving out to the reviewer’s house. I’m not naming…

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    Phoenix Chosen to be had for FREE this weekend!

    Yep! To celebrate the one month anniversary of my book baby, it’s now free on Amazon! If you’ve been wavering, on the fence, uncertain… you can now pick it up for freeeeeeeee on Amazon right now. For those who hate Amazon or are outside the US, email me and I’ll send you a free copy in epub form. As for the giveaway… Since there were zero entries (?!) I’m going to try again with rafflecopter next week and see if things work better that way. If not, I’ll donate the books I was intending on gifting to the local library. 😀

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    Thoughts on Heart of Fire and on the difficulty of writing

    I saw a tweet proclaiming that Heart of Fire was released today with the hashtag WeNeedDiverseBooks, so I clicked over to Amazon to check it out. Heart of Fire: Jan Xu, wolf and pack leader, faces more dangers when she saves a foreign male wolf in love with one of her ancient enemies, a jiang shi, a Chinese vampire. Throw in a love-struck drake—and Jan finds her situation suddenly precarious, with her reputation and health at stake. How much is a wolf going to take when everything is out of control again and her world thrown into disarray? How is she going to navigate the complexities of Myriad politics while…

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    Well, that was a bit of a flop *laughs*

    Experiment #1 in my foray into self-publishing promo results: 0 newsletter signups and 1 confirmed sale Well, actually, there’s been two paid unit sales since I started this, um, 6 days ago, but since the second unit was sold after I stopped tweeting about the giveaway, I’m not really counting it. Just to be safe. So, my thoughts on why it was such a flop. Keeping in mind my variables: 0 people on my newsletter when I started out. 70 followers on my twitter account, a substantial portion of which are other authors. First book. No regular commentators on my blog. Hrm, probably not even any regular readers at the…

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    Phoenix Chosen now available on KU

    Yeah, yeah, I know I said yesterday that I’d put Phoenix Chosen on KU when book two was ready for actual book-gestation, but I’ve figured out a way to get around the whole sweepstakes etc whatever thing: KU will allow me to set my book for free, allowing anyone who’s interested to grab it. The Chinese have a tradition of celebrating when a baby reaches its first month anniversary. So, in acknowledgement of that and because I’m finally over the squee-nauseous-squee and have regained half of my brain, I’m going to have a book-baby celebration. As with the traditional celebrations, there will be a bit of lead up until the…

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    Parsing Kindle Unlimited as a reader and writer

    I’ve had Kindle Unlimited (KU) for the last two(?) months and I’ve come to some conclusions for KU as it stands right now. Of course, all hypotheses are just that, so we’ll see if my suspicions play out the way I think they will. As a reader, KU is useful for me because I can blow through multiple books a day. At $9.99 per month, it is very much worth it for me because suddenly I am limited to the KU selection for my reading and so in the end I end up saving money. Asides from my auto-buy authors, I no longer look at book blurbs of books that…

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    Giveaways are more complicated than I thought

    So. You’re a self-published author and you’re thinking about doing this promo thing called a giveaway and you think it’s easy and shiny and … it’s not. It’s really not. Not if you’re thinking about doing an international giveaway. If you’re thinking about restricting your giveaway to the US, then you’re in good shape, but things start to get twitchy once you start crossing borders. That said, be wary of not stepping on FB’s toes lest you get your page revoked. That link is really worth reading, btw, because the policy changes will affect many aspects of giveaways that people are used to seeing. Google + also probably has similar…

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