The gods laugh at me

So. Remember that business plan?

The good news is I did …approximately manage 1500 every day for 8 days and I finished the zero draft of the second book. Of course, it’s sitting at about 35k at the moment, so if I aim for 75k, I’m technically not even half-way there. But. Good news!

Bad news?

I kinda stalled out after finishing book 2, which is why I had shitty word counts for the the last three days. By shitty, I mean nothing got written.

I finally pulled out my sketchbook to do some communing with my muse.

For the record, I don’t write longhand. I just don’t. The look of my own handwriting gives me hives. So I’m pretty desperate at this point. Just as a reference for how long it’s been since I touched pen to paper, a caterpillar crawled out of the sketchbook. This is where I screamed like a child.

Anyway. Guess what my muse wants me to work on? The Hades and Persephone re-telling. The one that I abandoned a while ago because it kind of crashed and went nowhere. The ONE story I didn’t even mention wanting to finish and publish in my business plan. Yes. That one. Of course.

I know I invited the gods to laugh at me, but I really wasn’t expected to be backstabbed by myself. *sigh*

C’est la vie, eh? And now, for the Hades story… My muse promised she’d carry through if I started, so I’m gonna have to hold her to that. Here’s seeing how well that goes. 🙂


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