Oh thanks gods…

I just hit publish on the afterword of Goddess in Waiting on Wattpad.

Yes, I suck. I finished updating it on WP instead on my own blog. In my self-defense, I think all of one person was reading it on my blog. It’s easier to read there, readers don’t need to hunt through my rambling not-story posts and I get beautiful stats on how many people are actually reading the damn thing from start to finish.

I’m a geek and I love numbers with an undying passion. It’s simply how it is.

I started that on Jan 30th 2014 and I’ve just finished it on May 25th 2014. To be fair, I think I stalled out around March 4th and didn’t pick it back up until yesterday. It’s 23,303 words and I think it took me about a 45 days, give or take, to write.

It’s a zero draft, but it’s done. Editing will probably expand it quite a bit because there was definitely a lot of talking heads going on, along with not-enough-character-motivation-showing and etc etc etc. Also, it’s filed under romance, but the main romance really isn’t very prevalent for most of the story, so that needs to get fixed.

However, now that this load is off my brain, I’m going to worry about Conflagration edits and the boxset story first. I can’t worry about editing that at the moment because I simply don’t have enough brain power even if I had enough time in the day.

*falls into a heap on the floor*

Notes to self:

– never, ever, ever commission artwork for an unfinished book again

– never, ever, ever start posting a story that you haven’t finished the ending to lest you feel like a heel for quitting

– the idea of writing something “just for fun” while editing is completely laughable and you should smack yourself if you catch yourself thinking it again


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