• Depression

    Depression: The encroaching dark

    I’ve been considering posting about this. It’s not exactly the sort of thing that makes for congenial conversation, after all. But, it’s more important than being a fun person to be around. And then again, I’ve always been extremely comfortable telling complete strangers far too much information about myself. It’s like the acronym TMI was designed for me. I’ve been diagnosed with severe depression. I’ve had symptoms of depression for as long as I have clear memory. I was about eight or nine when I first took a sharp implement in hand and thought about using it on myself and before that, in earlier years, I prayed for God to…

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  • Goddess in Waiting

    Goddess in Waiting ch. 5

    The scent of Death hit me as we crossed the threshold of the church. The richness of roses with just enough of chrysanthemum’s bite to undercut lilies’ cloying sweetness. Shadows clung to the corners of the room, skittering away from the brilliant sunshine flooding in from the stained glass windows. I froze and raised an arm to block Raphael. “Amarantha. So long apart and you hesitate to greet me?” I sighed and walked forward. A cloaked form rose from a crouching position beside the body.  He turned to face us, uncaring that his movements trailed the hem of his cloak through the pool of blood. His hair blazed against the starkness…

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  • Reviews


    Warning: This is apparently not my week for well-reasoning, not insanely squeeing, calm reviews. This is another gush. You have been warned. All right. So now Laura Florand just got another million zillion bonus points, which catapulted her straight into the stratosphere. Not that she needed it, because I mean, she’s going to have to stay in the stratosphere or risk being shot into outer space where it’s supposedly cold with no chocolate. At least in the stratosphere we can send up balloons or something. Wait, I think it’s cold up there too. Oops. Well. Balloons with sweaters then.  Why? She called out Fangirl as being a really good read…

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  • Reviews

    The Chocolate Temptation

    Warning: This is not going to be a well-reasoned, sane or calm post. This is essentially going to be me gushing about one of my favorite auto-buy authors. That said, I’m going to jump straight into squeeing. I loved this book. I adored it. I love all of Laura’s books because she has this disconcerting tendency to shove her hands straight into my ribcage, grab straight for my heart, and start manipulating it the way a master chocolatier might handle his art. When I read her books, it’s almost always a non-stop roller coaster of fear and vulnerability. I feel like I’m out there in the character’s heads, with my…

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  • Goddess in Waiting

    Goddess in Waiting Ch. 4

    “Alexandros.” I took a page from his book and popped into Alexandro’s garden without waiting for him to respond to my telepathic knock, Raphael in tow. He looked up from his laptop. Blue eyes weary, he sighed. “You know.” He didn’t acknowledge Raphael and I was in no mood to play at niceties. “You couldn’t have warned me? What did you and Dawn expect, sending me off like that? Did you guys want the earth to be wiped? Did your triplet doing it once before make you more sanguine about it happening again?” “Dawn doesn’t know. She doesn’t have this problem, with all of Inari’s kitsune that she can call…

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  • Goddess in Waiting

    Goddess in Waiting ch. 3

    I’d barely settled myself on a rock and made myself comfy before he popped back in. His gorgeous mouth was set in an unhappy line and his eyes snapped blue fire. “What have you lot been doing?” I raised a brow. He made an impatient motion. “Your Watchers have all but died out. Somewhere, down there, you have less than ten souls doing what should be the work of thousands, if not millions. Some of those reports appear to be highly questionable as to their provenance and some are clearly outright fraudulent.” “You mean to say that you guys were going to wipe out my planet due to some errors…

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  • Goddess in Waiting

    Goddess in Waiting ch. 2

    I fingered the piece of vellum in my hand. Golden numbers were illuminated against the heavy cream of the material: coordinates to a specific point in space. The meeting place of the gods. Closing my eyes, I imprinted them upon my mind, bound them to my spirit, and shifted. When I opened my eyes again, I stood in infinite darkness. Not a single star blinked against the velvet dark. My breath caught in my chest, ice crystals forming in my lungs before I remembered to stop breathing. I exhaled out what air remained, wincing a bit at the pain. I’d have cursed a bit to relieve the agony, but I didn’t…

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