Thoughts of a serial

The editing isn’t going so well.

To a certain extent, editing is both amazingly hard and incredibly easy. On one hand, the hard part of plot lines, characterization, and sheer wordage is over. On the other, it’s like Zeno’s dichotomy paradox. Editing is an ongoing process that can eat your brains, your life, and your heart in you let it. In that order. After a certain point you need to look at the leech feasting off your heart’s blood and decide that it’s time to cut it loose. The question, however, is when?

Too soon and the leech¬†ahem, the baby dies because it’s premature.

Too late and you’ll have accomplished nothing in your life.


I need some new words. Something shiny to put onto my spreadsheets and to give me the illusion of actually doing something that matters.

Edits — some days it feels like the more I fiddle with it, the more I break it.


A serial.

I figure it’s a good experiment. See what works, what sticks to the wall, and what doesn’t. Short chapters, nothing I have to be too loyal to other than making sure the story progresses. Witty character dialog (hopefully) and playful banter. No worries about style or voice or anything except the joy of story.

I can do that, right?

Well, I guess we’re going to see.

The working title will be Goddess in Waiting.

Working blurb:

Amarantha is an old woman in her twilight years and that’s how she likes it.

When old friends show up at her door to tell her that there are new players in town and to let her know that her vacation’s over, her first reaction is incredulous disdain.

The universal equivalent of the United Nations, except that it’s for gods and goddesses and the planets they represent?

She wants none of it, but she might not get a choice.

If she doesn’t agree to represent Earth at the next celestial summit, it just might mean the end of days. There’s someone who wants to take out Earth before it and its inhabitants can ascend and take its power for their own.

Will Amarantha be able to foil his plans and return to her quiet life, or will she be dragged kicking and screaming back into the thick of life?

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