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Edits, edits, edits…

It’s been a lovely vacation, but I’ve been getting itchy and antsy of late.

Today will mark the 58th day of no new words written.

Before, there was being in a vacation setting, complete with being in another country in a house not my own. Then, I was dealing with jet lag. Then, there was simply the usual winter hibernation malaise.

However, I’ve moved from feeling well-rested to impatience and irritation. Enough is enough and I’ve decided that I need to push back the sleepy and just get something done.

Perhaps some edits.

Book one has 28 chapters and is now at 61,275 words pre-edits.

If I can get a chapter done each day, then I’ll be ready for a round of beta readers come the end of February. Depending on how fast I can get it back, then I just might be able to push for an April publication date.

We’ll see.

I’ve been reading some Chinese medicine texts lately and I’ve been trying to take some of it to heart.

For example, the idea that winter was meant for rest and recuperation. It is meant for concealment; of cherishing your energy and life-fire, and being careful where you choose to expend your energy.

I’ve thought about it, and I like the idea even if I don’t know how applicable to modern life it is.

Winter as a time of reflection, of laying aside weapons and ambition, and of turning inward rather than outward — it’s a lovely thought, but life moves at light speed, with or without one.

I don’t think most of us have a choice about rising late and waiting until the sun has warmed the land before venturing out. It might very well be better for the mind and body to lay aside thoughts of strife and striving until a more fortuitous time, but in the meantime, who can know what that moment of relaxation can cost in terms of job security?


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