Fingers crossed: first submission

I sent out my first fiction submission today.

Or rather, to be honest, C did it for me because I had glaciers for feet and if I hadn’t asked him to step in, it might still be sitting on my hard drive languishing while I fretted over every single word choice I made.

It didn’t help that it was for a call that wanted a bit of heat.

I love reading erotica; there are some days when it’s all I read. However, I’ve never really been able to write it without feeling a particular queasiness and so I originally wasn’t going to answer the call. Not to mention the call was for knights and highlanders. I enjoy reading about men in kilts and tin cans, but it’s not something that I personally want to write.

Then… I came across a definition of a cavalier that sang to me and inspiration struck.

So. Now I have an erotic short.

It took me a while to get going and to finish. By which I mean I squirmed for most of the night, way into the wee hours of the morning before I got so tired I felt drunk enough to actually write the sexy scenes. I then proceeded to be intoxicated off lack of sleep and a bit of what-did-I-just-do for the rest of the next day. Just as well, since as it was, I was editing it peeking between my fingers.

If it isn’t accepted, I’ll consider self-pubbing it or putting it up on the site as free reading.

The thing is — if I self-pub it, I’d want to bundle it with some other shorts because it’s only about 6k words. The only issue with that is that I feel rather twitchy just re-reading over what I wrote for the smutty bits, much less duplicating the effort.

Thene assures me that “this too will pass” and that all people who write porny bits feel that way and eventually get over it.

Of course, what she was too much of a good friend to say was that some people don’t and they never, ever write another insertion scene again.

Here’s hoping I don’t fall into that latter camp.

Girding the loins and tally ho and all that.

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