Writing Numbers: December 2013

I’m currently in Taiwan and I’m suffering from an acute case of vacay-brain.

Perhaps you know how it is when you’re getting ready for a trip.

There’s the packing, the pre-leaving cleaning, the desperate attempts to corral an unruly life into as much order as possible so entropy doesn’t present you with life’s version of a decomposing rodent as a present upon your arrival back home.

Bad enough to get home with travel fatigue and still have to shower, brush the teeth, and do all those adult things that need doing before you can crash into bed and sleep for a full 24 hours.

Even worse when you realize that you’ve left the faucet dripping for the entire time you were gone; all the houseplants are dead; the pets have cannibalized each other because someone forgot to arrange for the pet-sitter to be paid and they quit in fury and of course you forgot your cellphone charger at home so there was no way for anyone to tell you that everything had gone to the eighteen hells in a handbasket and that you really, really should make some very important phone calls right. about. now. Oh, and because you forgot to set the bill to be paid automatically, you have no power, no internet, and the grotty stuff in the fridge has gone from moldering grossness to being well on its way to achieving sentience. Let’s not even talk about how your work has completely gone supernova in your absence and the business burned down overnight.

Not that I know any of that from personal experience or anything.

So I didn’t really get anything done writing-wise for the first almost half of the month. I slapped 954 words together writing about that creepy ass dream I had, but I’m not sure that really counts.

Then there was the inevitable jet lag from traveling half-way around the globe.

I’m a wuss and I usually end up doing nothing but sleeping and eating for about a week after I get off the plane and this time was, of course, no different.

Being in Taiwan, land of my forefathers/mothers, means that I’ve pretty much been dragged from hillock to pillar to post and back again doing all manner of things from familial obligations to renewing my health insurance so I can do my medical touristy thing to (things I haven’t done yet, like…) buying a dress and shoes and a shawl for the wedding I’m attending to…

And, as I said before, vacay-brain. Also, vacay-wallet. And vacay-diet. By which I mean nothing productive, not exercise, not writing, not revising, not thinking about anything too strenuous than what the next meal is going to be.

As a matter of fact, I’m fairly grateful I’ve managed even this blog post. 

Today’s been the first day since I departed Boston on the 12th where I was left alone (O’ blessed solitude!) for more than the amount of time it takes to shower.

I highly doubt that any real writing/revising is going to happen before I get back to the States and recover from jet lag.

Which means that I’m looking at sometime mid-January of 2014.

Oh well.

There are worse things to cause a lack of writing than being forced to hang out with relatives I don’t see for years at a time and eat delicious food with them.

So I’m doing the reflection post early this month. What with less than 10 more days to go, I figure I might as well, in case I don’t get another chance to hop on my laptop before then.

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