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    Fingers crossed: first submission

    I sent out my first fiction submission today. Or rather, to be honest, C did it for me because I had glaciers for feet and if I hadn’t asked him to step in, it might still be sitting on my hard drive languishing while I fretted over every single word choice I made. It didn’t help that it was for a call that wanted a bit of heat. I love reading erotica; there are some days when it’s all I read. However, I’ve never really been able to write it without feeling a particular queasiness and so I originally wasn’t going to answer the call. Not to mention the call…

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    Writing Numbers: December 2013

    I’m currently in Taiwan and I’m suffering from an acute case of vacay-brain. Perhaps you know how it is when you’re getting ready for a trip. There’s the packing, the pre-leaving cleaning, the desperate attempts to corral an unruly life into as much order as possible so entropy doesn’t present you with life’s version of a decomposing rodent as a present upon your arrival back home. Bad enough to get home with travel fatigue and still have to shower, brush the teeth, and do all those adult things that need doing before you can crash into bed and sleep for a full 24 hours. Even worse when you realize that…

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  • Dreams

    No matter where you go, I will find you.

    No matter where you go, I will find you. I frowned at the screen. The popup box had just come out of nowhere. I’d opened nothing recently and all of my open tabs were the usual safe suspects: Gmail, Twitter, a couple of writing sites, and a dozen or so food blogs. In short, nothing that should have popped something like that up. Clicking the little x at the top right corner, I shook my head, dismissing it from thought. Shadows lurked at the edges of sanity and consciousness. That was a place I couldn’t, wouldn’t go. I turned my lamp up higher, casting everything into sharp relief, allowing nothing…

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  • Random snippets in the life

    T-day 2013 reflections

    We actually did T-day this year on the Saturday following rather than on the day itself. I’m not sure I’d do that again, actually, although it was nice to be able to go shopping for things on Friday when all the madness had already died down. We had also ordered pies from Petsi Pies, listed by Travel + Leisure and others as one of the best pies in America, and I think the line was somewhat more manageable on Saturday rather than Thursday. If nothing else, it allowed us to get a bacon and Gruyere pie as well as a sweet potato and pumpkin pie. I roasted the turkey a…

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