Writing Numbers: November 2013

Welp, good thing I wasn’t really intending on doing NaNo this year, because I would have failed it.

32,373 words this month.

I was hoping, what with the unprecedented success of October, that I would be able to carry off 50k this month without much ado.


It’s true. I lay plans, gloating and smug, and the Powers that Be laugh at me. It’s enough to make a person want to just run pell-mell into traffic because really, being careful and planning doesn’t seem to work much better than that option.

It was actually all going relatively well until the 22nd when I went to the gym, tripped, fell on my face about 100 meters from the gym, and sprained my ankle.

I hopped my way back to the car, drove back to the house with much pain, and proceeded to throw all thoughts of writing out of my head for the remainder of the month what with first the pain and then cleaning/cooking/hosting T-day for more than ten people with a sprained ankle.

You could say that the elevator cable snapped and dropped me straight into no-writing-hell with no ceremony at speed.

Oh well.

30k isn’t anything to sneeze at, at least.

I go to Taiwan for a month on Dec 11th, so I really don’t see much writing happening before then, but we’ll see.



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